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Whimsical Dough

Handcrafted Apple Pie Play Dough

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Our much-loved Apple Pie Play Dough is back as part of our 2023 Autumn Play Dough Collection. This customer favorite comes either in a 4 oz glass or 4 oz BPA free PET plastic jar and it is lightly scented using apple pie spice. You also have the option to choose to have your play dough lightly glittered with gold biodegradable glitter.  Our play dough is made using premium organic coconut oil, which softens little hands as it is played with! Every dough comes with a small wooden spoon for scooping and it will arrive in a linen drawstring bag, perfect for storage. (Dough colors may vary slightly from the photo due to camera and lighting.)

Dough Ingredients: flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable glycerin, organic coconut oil, apple pie spice, food grade coloring, biodegradable glitter