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Timber Sprout Toys

Play Dough Stamp Box

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Our play dough stamp and play dough collection boxes are a showstopper!  They are made to hold up to 12 sets of 4 stamps each OR 4-8 sets of 6 stamps.

Timber Sprout Toys, our play dough stamp maker, designed these boxes to match the stamps.  They used beautiful cherry hardwood and added the box joints for more character and durability.  The handles provide a secure way for littles to carry the box from shelf to table and offer the opportunity for many more uses.  They can stack on top of each other or even be leaned against a wall to display your collection.

*Play Dough Stamps not included.

Disclaimer:   Wood is a natural resource and material.  Each piece is unique and has different characteristics like knots and cracks, which are safely sealed and sanded so that the wood will last through years of play.